Getting Started


Drupal 8.3.0 or newer.

For general use, Groundwork only requires Drupal. There is a file named "app-style.css" where you can put your customizations. If you wish to use the source SCSS files, and generate your own CSS, included are package.json, gulpfile.js, .and .csscomb.json if you want to use them.


You can use Groundwork with or without a sub-theme. Below are general instructions.

Without a sub-theme:

  1. Download Groundwork
    • Via the theme installation page on your Drupal installation (/admin/theme/install)
    • By manually downloading the package from, unzipping it and uploading it to your theme folder
    • Using Composer:
      composer require drupal/groundwork
    • Using Drush:
      drush dl groundwork
  2. Rename the app-styles.css.txt to app-styles.css found in the CSS folder.
  3. Log in as admin in your Drupal installation, go to the Appearance page, find Groundwork and click on "Enable and set default".
  4. Do not forget to check the theme settings page for your customization.

Using a sub-theme:

Alternative 1:

  1. Download Groundwork from
  2. Download the starter sub-theme from<Coming soon!>
  3. Extract both themes on your themes folder.
  4. In the browser, log in as admin in your Drupal installation and go to Appearance. Click the "Enable and set default" link on your new theme.

Note: It is not necessary to enable Groundwork but it must be present.

Alternative 2: Existing sub-theme.

Use an existing sub-theme. Easy design development:

  1. Look for a Groundwork sub-theme that looks the nearest you want to achieve with your site design. Download and install it.
  2. Go to the custom folder of the subtheme and rename all 5 files that end with css.less.txt to css.less. For example: app-settings.css.less.txt to app-settings.css.less
  3. Customize away!

Alternative 3: Composer and Drupal Console

  1. Download Groundwork:
    composer require drupal/groundwork
  2. ...
  3. ...
  4. ...

Alternative 4: Drush

  1. Download Groundwork:
    drush dl groundwork
  2. Clear the cache:
    drush cache-rebuild
  3. Create your custom theme. For this example, we name it Philippine Sea with machine name philsea:
    drush groundwork 'Philippine Sea' philsea
  4. Enable and set your new theme philsea as default.
    drush en philsea --yes && drush vset theme_default philsea

That's it! See "drush help groundwork" to view advanced options.